Eleven Madison Park

(Oct 2016)

* Food inventiveness and plating (cool wooden bowls! a picnic basket!)
* Variety and intensity of flavors
* Restaurant is cool with "just hanging out at the table"
* Service was good and amazingly efficient, though it seemed we had a different person every minute

* Wine pairing seemed like a mess. I paid for it, and the wine guy (not sure of his correct title) wanted me to make a lot of decisions. I said I didn't want to do that.
* Very expensive

I liked it, though my wife was just OK with it. I'm not eager to go back but I would (and would pay my way). Highlights include the tomato salad (which was the size of one tomato slice but made from lots of ingredients!) and caviar.

Since this was recently named the #1 restaurant in the world, I'm not going to judge the food.

Service: 8/10
Fun: 8.5/10


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