I've been in NYC since October 2013. My initial posts will catch up to my experiences to date.

I will attempt judging each restaurant on the relevant food experience (e.g., steakhouses on steak), the service (I like warm and friendly but not fawning or overly aloof), and fun (the X factor-- how much fun did I have, which is maybe the most important thing). Obviously YMMV.

I am always excited to try something new!

I am not a good foodie. Once I went to a dinner prepared expertly by a proper foodie friend and sent him a warning list that had my restrictions.

Things I Usually Don't Like But Will Eat And Sometimes Enjoy:
* Eggplant
* Mushrooms
* Fishy fish
* Shellfish
* Slightly fatty meat

Things I Don't Like But Will Eat Given Enough Wine:
* Fatty or oily meat
* Meat (excluding fish) with bones
* Foie gras

Things Won't Eat Under Any Circumstances:
* Offal
* Olives (I wish!)
* Really fishy fish: sardines


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