Per Se

Per Se

(Visited for my birthday, July 2014)

* Food preparation
* Truffle supplement was a whole truffle
* Attentiveness of staff
* Variety of tastes and experiences
* Wine list is on an iPad!
* Kitchen tour was cool
* Desserts were great (and the distributor of the chocolates had memorized each of the 20 he proffered)

* Ridiculously expensive
* Did I mention that it's ridiculously expensive? It is $300pp to get food. Want a supplement? +$100. Wine? 3-5x retail. Ouch.
* Service was overly professional and aloof

Judging Per Se for food quality only makes sense relative to other top-tier restaurants, so I'm avoiding doing so on a scale.

I'm not eager to go back. If someone would pay my way, sure. But it's just not worth it to me.

Service: 6/10 (I mean we had no shortage of help)
Fun: 8/10


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